Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Canada Travel Tales: Lake Louise

Lake Louise is pretty darn special - even in the pouring rain.  On Monday when we woke up it was raining in Banff.  We went to Juniper for breakfast where I had a particularly yummy salmon benny and asked what our best options would be for a rainy day.

After discussing options that mostly seemed to revolve around shopping we decided to head to Lake Louise and try our luck after stopping by our hotel room for some waterproofs!

I grabbed my hiking boots and off we went, as we got closer to Lake Louise the rain lightened and we decided it was perfect hiking weather.

Yes I wear frilly socks when I hike!
 At first it is pretty easy and flat but as you go on the paths get steeper and rockier - but the payoffs in terms of views and experience get a lot better too.

You can horse trek too!
On our way back the weather turned and it started to rain. I was so glad we had decided to hike rather than canoe on Lake Louise - I think we got better views and it sure beat being stuck in a boat in the rain. In fact it was pretty close to perfect.

Hard to find words really for this!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Tunes on Tuesday: Nele Needs a Holiday

My good friend sent me this link the other day and I keep playing it.

I had not previously heard of Nele Needs a Holiday but I subsequently listened to an awful lot of Nele Needs a Holiday songs. I loved this video as it really seemed to capture the spirit of the song in a way that got me very excited. It also features rollerskates. I am a sucker for rollerskates. Sound wise this is very pop-tastic with pretty melodies layered over lovely music, while lyrically it has a lot more bite than the sound suggests.

Actually, now I think about it I may well have heard about Nele Needs a Holiday via Lis at Last Year's Girl. Yup, here is the interview as always Lis gets the scoop on me, though, in my defence, it was posted the day before I went on holiday so I did not give it the attention it deserved! It is a really good interview too. You should totally check it out. And then check out Nele Needs a Holiday.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Monday Mantra: Pretend to be Psyched

Did I mention I am tired post Canada? This past week and a half have been HARD! Turns out I do NOT travel well. At all. I would like to take this chance to thank the kind soul on our plane who decided to share his or her head cold about. Yeah. That was great. I also am rubbish at keeping my evenings free, I was busy on Tuesday - Thursday with things on every night after work as well as work, as well as using breaks to cower from the gym, go to the gym and book Fringe tickets for August. Oh and add googly eyes to my label maker and bar code scanner. The label maker is called Al and the barcode scanner is Buzz.

Buzz the Barcode Scanner

This weekend was a full one again with volunteering, cake dates and a flying visit to Dundee for a housewarming too. So not much on at all.  And for some of it, well for some of it I was certainly channelling, the always excellent, Mindy Kaling:

Sometimes you just have to put lip gloss on and pretend to be psyched - Mindy Kaling

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