Saturday, 16 August 2014

Four Festival Food Truck Feasts

I love Edinburgh all year round and though I know things get busy round this time of year there are some great things to do.  I love going to shows and I love the expanded lunch time options for me from the food trucks.  So last week I had food truck feasts every day I could (Thursday was not an option as I had blood tests that morning)

On Monday I started as I meant to go on and had waffles with apple pie filling and cinnamon from xxxx. I then sat and ate that in the Meadows.  It was a good way to start the week.

Hot Dogs
On Tuesday I went for lunch with a colleague and we got hot dogs. These were lovely. The sausages were made of pretty good cuts from the pig and mine had jalapeƱos in it too. I like jalapeƱos. It was a great thing to eat and we ate that in the park. A good meal.

Cajun Chicken Burger
With this one the picture does not really do justice to the sandwich from Cajun Moon which was really tasty. I pretty much wolfed this down as it tasted of awesome. They have a fairly good menu too.

The pretty Cajun Moon menu
I finished the week with the best meal.  I went to the Buffalo Wings truck and got the Buffalo Chicken wrap which I rather inelegantly ate on a bench outside the Informatics Centre as I could not wait to eat it.  It was immense. Spicy, crunchy and full of flavour. I also spilled a lot of the sauce.  It was worth it.  I think the fact that I will be working near this food truck for not much longer is really good for me, as otherwise I would have at least one a week and my heart would probably pack in.  So, so good.

The wrap I would do bad things to

These festival food trucks are all by Bristo Square and will be there until the end of the Fringe next week.  If you are in the area then do check them out as it was so tasty, but I am back to packed lunches now as I think I should take a break from fried food for a bit!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Burger Blind Date at TGI Fridays

M with a manly cocktail

Two weeks ago I went to Burger Blind Date at TGI Fridays. When I got the email inviting me I immediately thought it was for me, cocktails, burgers, Edinburgh? With all of those favourite things I got over the immense snobbishness I had about TGI Fridays as a brand and decided to check out the revamped Edinburgh branch.

When we got there at 6.30 the main restaurant was buzzing and we headed to the room for the event which was, at that point slightly less busy. At this point I got a little bit excited by the pictures on the walls in the room we were in.  I took a very blurry picture as I thought my excitement might seem a bit out of place, but pictures of skateboarders and doing other extreme sports made it feel like we had come to the right place.

As we arrived, we got talked through the concept of the evening, there would be a menu with Blind Date style intros for each burger, and while we decided which one to have we could start with a cocktail.  I started with a lovely mocktail.  It looked very pretty.

Sunrise cocktail
 Then I turned my attention seriously to the menu.  At this point the room started to really fill up and our table got extra guests too which was nice.  I like meeting people. The menu was pretty cool and the cheesy descriptions were indeed reminiscent of Blind D-date. It took me back to Saturday nights with my Mum with her fingers in her ears as she could not stand to hear them embarrass themselves.  It took a while for our order to be taken but we were chatting and having fun so it was not so much of an issue.

The menu
 I went for contestant number two which was a rather lovely Jack Daniels burger with a dipping sauce.  The waiter recommended the loaded chilli fries as an accompaniment and I think he recommended well as it was a great - if rather filling combination.  Though not the best burger I have ever had, it was really tasty and the sauce really made it sing.  I'd certainly go for it again.

My date for the evening
 I really enjoyed the food and it does mean that I will consider going back to TGI Fridays, which before had not really been on my radar of Edinburgh places to eat as there are so many restaurants.  The food was great, the restaurant itself was light and comfortable, and they had those great photos on the wall.  Though our service was good I do know that some of my fellow diners had some real problems with some waiting over two hours for their food, as the main restaurant and the Burger Blind Date room were both completely packed. I think more people came than were expected and though that did not ruin the night for us, I know some people did have that problem so I do need to mention it.

My meal and drinks were free as part of an event I was invited to.  My opinions are my own though.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Life lately

Hey, things have been a little bit busy lately.  We had my parents and my in laws stay, we went to birthday parties, we went to a wedding, I went to Glasgow. I fluffed my job interview (I know what I did wrong so it is okay - it was a learning experience), got some pretty major sunburn, fell down the stairs and had a bit of homesickness for Goldsmiths and friends from home. So lots and lots going on with a mix of good and bad. Here are some photos:

A bridge in Canterbury

Great wee shop in Canterbury

Canterbury Castle and Keep

M at Canterbury Castle

People Make Glasgow

Out and about in Glasgow

The Barrowlands Walk
It has been nice to look at these photos and think of the good things this last busy while has included and not the sunburn and falling down stairs and nine hours in a very hot car based times.  I think life is all about ups and downs and sometimes in the midst of some downs we don't notice the ups.  Thanks for letting me share mine here.
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